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Talis Elevate Guidance for Staff

What is it?

Talis Elevate is a tool to support your students’ active engagement with the resources you recommend for their learning.

The Elevate platform allows you and your students to leave comments on texts, images, and media you upload, enabling direct engagement with learning resources. Students can collaborate directly with their classmates within the resources they are using together for their learning. Students can comment with their name attached or anonymously.

Additionally, Talis Elevate has a ‘personal notes’ feature, which enables you and your students to take notes and keep them directly alongside the learning resources on your Talis Elevate list.

Why use it?

Talis Elevate is a tool to support active and engaged learning. In general, the following principles are helpful to keep in mind:

  • Talis Elevate deepens students’ understanding: leaving a comment helps them think through what they are reading, seeing, or viewing
  • Talis Elevate allows students to build knowledge together: learning alongside their classmates and lecturers, inside and outside of class
  • Talis Elevate increases students’ confidence: they can comment anonymously or make personal notes which only they have access to. This enables them to personalize their learning.

It is recommended that you use your module handbook and Blackboard module site to communicate how you would like students to use Talis Elevate. It is a good idea to have up to date information in the ‘contact’ section on your Blackboard module so students can get in touch with any questions.

For full details, see the Elevate handbook in the PDF section of this page.

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