Using Panopto On Campus Help & Support

Recording lectures on-campus with Panopto and inserting a recording link into a content area

Key points to note:

  • The Panopto system is enabled in all centrally pooled teaching spaces on campus with the correct settings configured.
  • UoL has one process that works for recording in all rooms. The new process is entirely lecturer initiated. Staff decide when to start, stop and pause the recording.
  • Please use Panopto for Windows and NOT Panopto Capture, as Panopto for Windows has has the mics correctly configured by ICT).
  • In a teaching space, there is no need to tick Capture PowerPoint – the Panopto app is already correctly configured by ICT to capture the screen).
  • Additional guidance on mic settings for the 8 previously video-enabled rooms can be found here (link).

PART ONE: How to start the recording in the teaching space

  • Login to Blackboard and go to the module site. Ensure Outlook is closed so that your email inbox is not captured in the recording.
  • On the module site’s menu bar, click on the ‘Panopto’ menu button.
  • Click on Create and, from the drop-down menu that appears, select ”Panopto for Windows‘ (N.B. do not use ‘Panopto Capture’ on-campus teaching spaces)
Blackboard site with Panopto menu button and Panopto for Windows option highlighted in yellow.
  • If asked to approve the launch of the Panopto recorder, click Allow. The Panopto application then opens with all the settings correctly configured.
A screenshot showing the popup message which asks you if you wish to launch the Panopto recorder.
  • Click the Record button. This minimises the Panopto application. All sound within six metres of the lectern is picked up by the mic. The in-room mics do not need to be turned on.
A screenshot showing the Panopto recorder and the large red record button which you should click to start your recording.

Pausing the recording (optional)

6. Pause and restart the recording by clicking the Panopto icon in the Windows Taskbar, and ‘Pause’.

A screenshot showing stop and pause buttons for your Panopto recording so you can manage what you are recording in real time.

Ending the recording

  1. Click the Panopto icon in the Windows Taskbar and the Stop icon. Click Upload on the next screen. You can close Panopto and log out of the computer but do not shut down the computer.
A screenshot showing stop and pause buttons for your Panopto recording so you can manage what you are recording in real time.
A screenshot showing the popup which appears when you have completed your recording and asks you for a session name and description if you wish to provide one.
  1. You will be sent an email with a link to review the video. The recording will appear on your module site in the Panopto area where it can be edited by clicking the Edit icon.

PART TWO: How to insert the video into a content area.

  1. Go to the Module Content/Learning Materials area on your Bb module site.
  2. Click on Tools and Panopto Video Link
  3. Choose your video from the list, and populate the text box.
  4. Click Submit.

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