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This is the LinkedIn Learning section of the Resources Hub. This page will give you an overview of the tool, links to help and support guide, frequently asked questions and related articles/videos.

LinkedIn Learning is a library of high-quality video tutorials on a variety of subjects, software and business topics. Your university account gives you access to all of these tutorials for free. LinkedIn Learning has over 10,000 courses, so there is something for everyone. Additionally, the on-screen controls and resources available for each video mean you can learn at your own pace.

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Student Help and Support File  How to Access LinkedIn Learning  | PDF | Doc

Student Help and Support File  How to Create and Share Collections  | PDF | Doc

Student Help and Support File  Quick tips  | PDF | Doc

Student Help and Support File  Embedding Content In Blackboard | PDF | Doc

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

How Do I Access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed through the Universities Single Sign-on Service. Click here to access the service using this shortcode:

Do all Staff and Students have Access to LinkedIn Learning?

All staff and students, who have a University of Lincoln login and are still attending the University, have access to LinkedIn learning

Can Graduates Access LinkedIn Learning?

Unfortunately, at this time, graduates are unable to access LinkedIn Learning.

If I want to share a collection/learning path link with external members will they be able to access the system?

Unfortunately, if an external member doesn’t have a LinkedIn Learning Memebership, then they will not be able to access the collection/learning path

Collections and Learning Paths

What are collections?

Collections can be found in LinkedIn Learning and list a selection of videos relating to one topic. They videos are designed to be accessed in any order.

What are Learning Paths?

Learning Paths are more structured versions of collections and are usually split up into sections. Notes and external links can also be added to these. They are designed to guide the user through a learning journey and for content be accessed in a specific order. (see creating my own learning path)

Can I create my own collection?

Collections can be created by any user on the system. They will be able to add any content which can be found through the LinkedIn Learning course catalogue. 

Can I create my own Learning Path?

To create a learning path to use with your students/staff you will need to be granted admin access. This will allow you to not only create your own learning path but also to add your own resources to the system. These resources can only be accessed by University of Lincoln members.  If you would like to create a learning path for your students, please contact 

Can I share collections and learning paths?

Both collections and learning paths can be shared by links. Please see our guide on Sharing resources : PDF(opens in a new tab) | Doc(opens in a new tab) | Video

How do I upload my own content to LinkedIn learning?

To upload content to LinkedIn learning you will need to have an admin account. Please contact to discuss this with the team.


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