Video Lab

The Digital Education and Digital Student Experience team work together to support academics with developing media based content to be used within the curriculum. The team is designed to run consultation sessions, give support and advice followed by aiding you with filming and editing. This service can help you create a variety of media outputs such as:

However, the team is happy to meet with academics to discuss the potential outputs and their needs to support any potential solutions required.

Video Booths for Micro lecture recording

The Video Booths are designed to support academics with creating pre-recorded teaching materials. These specialised setups are aimed to support micro lecture enhancement through:

  • Multiple camera recording.
  • A top-down view for recording practical elements.
  • High quality media outputs.
  • Well lit videos.
  • Screen recording.
  • Videos being uploaded directly to Panopto for editing.

The equipment is designed to be easy to use and supports multiple features that enable you to record multiple points of view and switch between them during a live recording sessions. This enable you to control the outputs of your camera without having to record multiple times whilst being able to highlight practical elements with a top-down approach.

Booking the video booth

If you would like to book the video booth, then please use the button to the left to find a time in our teams calendar to arrange a consultation call. We will then use this session to discuss your needs as well as highlight key guidance and elements that will need to be provided to ensure that our team support you with your project.