Showcase / Showcase: Combining Research with Blog Writing / Activity: Combining Research with Blog Writing

Dr Chris O’Rourke–  Senior Lecturer/ Programme Leader – Lincoln School of Film and Media – Staff Profile


Dr Chris O’Rourke ran this activity as part of a formal assessment. For the assessment students are required to create their own blog explaining a critical or controversial academic topic. He then supported the students with reflecting on and practicing different tones of voice to support academic writing skills. Developing skills in translating academic research for non-academic audiences is a useful skill that will benefit the students in future employment. It also support the development of digital skills and the use of digital publishing software.

The activity, being communicated very clearly with the students, starts with an academic-led discussion workshop. This workshops covers: how to set up an online blog, and how academic writers apply different styles of writing in their blogs. The important of being able to communicate academic research to non-academic and non-specialist audiences is discussed with the students during this session. This is partly group, partly individual-based learning. The blog work prepares students for the subsequent formal essay and is a natural way of embedding digital skills development into assessments.


Further development:

To develop this activity further it is encouraged to share some examples of students blogs (with their permission) to highlight key elements you would like other students to replicate. Having these pulse-checking moments are crucial and can help support and develop students understanding of the task.

Methods and tools used:

To get a full understanding of the tools and methods used, please visit our activity instructions page by clicking here.