Showcase: Combining research with blog writing

How to use Blog platforms to help students gather and store research

Challenge: To find ways to gather and store research to be shared or applied in a digital format.

Activity overview:

This activity uses WordPress so that students can build the ability to communicate academic research through a non-academic medium. This helps them build towards their formal essay and can support development of digital writing skills.


ABC – Investigation Type Activity
This activity relates to the ABC activity type of investigation and supports students with developing and applying research skills.

Activity in practice:

Academic: Dr Chris O’Rourke

School: Lincoln School of Design

As part of a formal assessment, students are required to create their own blog explaining a critical or controversial academic topic. Students are encouraged to reflect on and practice different tones of voice. This is concerned with developing skills in translating academic research for non-academic audiences, as well as digital skills.

To find out in more detail how this activity was embedded, click here.

Benefits of the activity

  • Develops students research skills
  • Enables students to synthesis and summarise their research into different writing styles
  • Supports the development of online publishing

Instructions & Related Resources

Below you will find some instructions relating to the activity mentioned above to enable you to adapt this activity for your subject area. This is split into three sections for your convenience: preparing the activity, running the activity and related resources. Feel free to let the digital education team know how you have adapted this activity.

Preparing the Activity

  1. Decide on the research topic. This can be done as individuals or the research can be shared between groups depending on cohort sizes.
  2. Develop assessment criteria for the task
  3. Set up wordpress blog using (Click here to access the site)
  4. Prepare clear instructions on the task to share with the students
  5. Prepare introductory workshop to students how to use the WordPress tool.
  6. (optional) If time is available prepare an example of what you expect their outcomes to look like.

Recommended Tools

Blackboard and WordPress

Running the Activity

Below is one example of how this activity can be used with students.

  1. Run workshop with students to share how to use WordPress & to explain the task that they have been given.
  2. Split into individual/group topics.
  3. Get students to follow guidance from the ‘Creating sites for coursework’ resource (see related resources box).
  4. Give a deadline for final hand in.
  5. Share and feedback comments with individuals groups – this can also be shown in lessons (with the students’ permission) to highlight examples of good practice.

Related Resources

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