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Dr Deborah Whelan–  Deputy Head of School – Lincoln School of Architecture and the built environment – Staff Profile


*It should be noted that even though activity was done physically it can easily be replicated online by having students access the room through an online webinar tool.

Students come together in an online webinar session with remotely based academics and subject matter experts (referred to here as ‘rapporteurs’). The aim of the exercise is for students to gain critical and evaluative feedback on developing their work. Sessions are hosted in a ‘Digital Studio’, equipped with video and audio equipment, a large projection screen, and an internet connection capable of running live conferencing. Five of these sessions have been run so far, three organised by the students themselves. Each session lasts for two and a half hours and is recorded giving students access to a permanent record of the event. The session format is such that students share their work, one at a time, with the rapporteurs, who in turn provide expert commentary.

Connecting students with experts at universities around the world to expand their perspectives and knowledge and critical evaluation. Rapporteurs are also able to draw sketches on work during the session and share this with the students. Through the use of technology, students have the unique opportunity to hear different perspectives from beyond the University. The sessions are repeated throughout the year, allowing students to develop connections and relationships these experts. With each successive session, students tend to become more and more engaged in their interactions with the rapporteurs.

Further development:

To develop this activity further it is encouraged to use the information gathered to create a resource that can be used by all the students. You can potentially use this information to infom future teaching practice and, depending on the feedback that was given, can also be used to support further peer-to-peer feedback.

Methods and tools used:

To get a full understanding of the tools and methods used, please visit our activity instructions page by clicking here.