Activity: Dynamic Teaching with Live Audience Response

Showcase / Showcase: Dynamic Teaching with Live Response / Activity: Dynamic Teaching with Live Audience Response

Trevor Simpson–  Associate Professor – School of Health & Social Care – Staff Profile


Poll Everywhere is used in two different and complimentary ways in this recipe. In the first, the app is an embedded part of a classroom or lecture activity with the aim of generating real-time interaction between the students and lecturer. Connecting to Poll Everywhere during the session, students access questions designed to assess levels of knowledge and understanding of previous lessons’ content, which the students respond to using their own devices. The real-time display of the results on the screen allows both students and academic to immediately identify any particular areas of difficulty. Student responses are anonymous, avoiding the situation where students have to raise hands and verbally respond to questions in front of the whole class.

In the second application, Poll Everywhere is used to evaluate the content and format of the lesson to inform improvement in teaching and learning practice. Both uses of the technology lead to a more responsive and personalised teaching and learning environment. Poll Everywhere is easy to use, accessible anywhere, and offers several different question formats to choose from. Experience shows that students appreciate and enjoy engaging with this particular technology and method.

Further development:

To develop this activity further it is encouraged to use the information gathered to inform discussion, redirect the learning path and to enhance your teaching and learning provision. This can be done by identifying areas which need refreshing or reviewing and altering your activities in accordance with this.

Methods and tools used:

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