Activity: Delivering Practical Demonstrations Digitally

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Using Panopto to create Asychronous lecture uploads or support videos for independent study helps support students who are having to access content purely online.

Ann Draycott –  Senior Lecturer – Lincoln School of Design – Staff Profile

To access a helpsheet on using Panopto for Asynchronous lectures/support videos, please click here

Below is a short summary of a video case study we captured with Ann Draycott about how she records practical demonstrations to support her students. To see the full version of the video please follow this link.


Ann Draycott develops a wealth of video resources to guide students through technical procedures.  This flipped-classroom approach allows students to attend workshops already prepared and informed. It also allows independent study and review of technical detail, making workshop time more efficient.  A video library filmed on mobile devices and uploaded to Panopto allows students flexibility in their studies, as this resource can be accessed at any point throughout their course. This technique also helps to reinforce skills development and supports students of varying abilities.

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