Canvas: An Introduction

16:00 - 17:00


Please note:  This session is for online facilitators (OLFs) and module leaders delivering online courses through our Higher Education Programmes (HEP) partnership. 

Outline of the session:

Attendees will understand features of Canvas for supporting your learners.  This session will provide an overview of how to navigate around the Canvas and how to use the key features for managing students, groups and discussion boards. You’ll be able to use the different communication tools, and know how to mark work and give feedback to your learners with Canvas.  In addition, the session will provide an overview of student data to help you understand how your students are engaging with the module and quick tips that you may wish to use to streamline your use of the platform.   

Learning outcomes:

  • To navigate Canvas and understand the different features  
  • To be aware of the different communication tools and how to use them 
  • To know how to use the group discussion boards  
  • To understand how the Turnitin and assessments work and how to assess work, enter feedback and marks 
  • To know how to use the data analytics features to track student engagement  


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