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Closing the feedback loop (responding to student voice)

14:30 - 16:00


Outline of the session: 

This session will look at how to incorporate feedback from module evaluations into curriculum design to respond to student feedback.  We will also consider opportunities to surface and incorporate the student voice throughout module delivery, drawing on students as partners in the curriculum.

Learning objectives: 

  • To recognise opportunities and methods to surface the student voice throughout module delivery.
  • To reflect on enhancement opportunities for a variety of learning activities.
  • To identify methods to demonstrate response to feedback.

How to book

Due to upgrades happening across University systems, you will not be able to book these training sessions via the usual HR training site. You can now use our dedicated booking form to register for each course. Once completed you will recieve a calendar invite in your diary.

If you have any queries please contact digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk