Talis Elevate ‘Hands-on’ Session



This ‘hands-on’ session is for academics already using the Talis Elevate platform who would like to explore it further, ask questions and get some hands-on experience. Find out more about how you can engage your students in reading activities, group discussion and note taking using this new digital platform. Learn more about how different types of media can be utilised on Talis Elevate, from written texts, to audio and video files and images and how to access and use Elevate analytics.

Bring your questions with you!

Learning Outcomes:

  • To be confident in using Talis Elevate with your students
  • To be confident enough to explore the use of different media within Talis Elevate, beyond just written texts.
  • To understand how you can use the detailed analytics and reporting within Talis Elevate to track your students progress over the course of a module.

How to book

If you would like to attend this training session, please visit the HR training site (https://lncn.ac/training(opens in a new tab)).

To help you find our courses, we recommend you click ‘Book a place‘ then choose ‘ Digital Education – LALT ‘ from the category filter drop down box at the top of the page.