Using AI within Assessment

13:00 - 14:30


Outline of session:

This session is designed to expand upon the school wide sessions currently taking place within the University. This session focusses on how and when AI can be used for an assessment. This is a practical session and will give you some context and ideas for AI use. This session will also focus on: 

  • Key policies and considerations of using AI within assessment 
  • Sharing information with students (including acknolwedgement of AI and Wider details on academic offences) 
  • Practical ideas about using AI for assessments.

Please note this is a practical session and, dependent on room spaces available, may require you to bring a laptop. Further information on this will be sent out to you within your booking invitation (sent directly from digital education)

Learning Outcomes:

During this session you will: 

  • Explore practical applications of AI within assessment practices 
  • Identify key policies and elements of consideration when applying AI within assessments.

How to book

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