Planning & Design (tester)

The planning and design page focusses on the tools, support and resources available to you when designing your curriculum. The page is broken down into key sections relating to conceptualisation & initial planning, Programme/Module Design, Assessment Design and Implementation. 

The model below helps guide you through the process.


1. Conceptualisation

Conceptualisation highlights key questions and underpinning theory to consider when designing a course.

2. Programme & Module Design

Using core tools to develop module and programme design focussing on a student-centred, rapid development approach from a programme and module perspective.

3. Assessment Design

Assessment design uses core tools and advice to look at building effective assessments, feedback/forward strategies and focusses on employability outcomes.

4. Implementation

Implementation looks at key support, workshops and links to guidance that support embedding content.


Please use the buttons below to find resources and support for each of the relevant sections.

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Programme & Module Design

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Assessment Design

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