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Panopto Student Video Submission on Blackboard Ultra

This helpsheet describes the process for setting up a Panopto Student Video Submission on Blackboard Ultra sites. The process for setting up these types of assessments is different from the proccess for these sites on Blackboard Learn sites.

How to create a Video Assignment in Blackboard Ultra and Mark Student Submissions

Once created, students will be able to record a video in Panopto and submit the presentation to the instructor for a grade.

1.  Create an Assignment

In the Blackboard Ultra course that you want to create a video assignment for, select the plus icon in the Course Content section.

Blackboard Ultra course. On it, under Course Content, the + icon is highlighted by a red box.

Under the Assessment section in the Create Item pop-out menu, select Assignment.

Create item menu, Blackboard Ultra course. On it, "Assignment" is highlighted by a red box.

Create the assignment as you would in Blackboard Ultra typically, prompting students to submit a Blackboard video assignment and then select Save. Students will be able to embed a video presentation within their assignment submission.

Blackboard Ultra Assignment window. On it, the professor has authored an assignment prompt and linked out to the Panopto article for students, "How to Submit a Video Assignment in Blackboard Ultra"

A Panopto student assignment folder will be created inside the Panopto course folder once the first student begins creating a video in order for them to have a location where their video is stored. By default, the student will only be able to see and edit their own videos in the related Panopto student assignment folder.

Once the video is submitted by a student, it is moved from the Panopto student assignment folder into the student submission folder within your course folder. After this, the student can no longer edit their submitted video. If they would like to, they can make a copy of the video for their own records and place it in a folder they have Creator access to, such as a My Folder.

2. Grading the Assignment 

Open the assignment, where you will see a list of ungraded submissions

Gradebook tab, Blackboard Ultra. On it, an assignment appears with "1 to grade" as its status.

Select the submission you want to grade

Submissions tab, Blackboard Ultra Gradebook. On it, a student is highlighted.

Under Submission Content, their Panopto video assignment should appear as an embedded video.

Submission Content tab, Student Submission window in the Bb Ultra Gradebook. On it, a Panopto video appears embedded and is highlighted by a red box.

Proceed with grading the assignments, providing feedback, and posting grades. 

Further Reading

Panopto has created several useful help resources which provide some further support for creating Panopto Student Video Submissions.

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