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Getting Started with your Site: Making a Site Visible to Students

This guide is aimed at module co-ordinators who are setting up their sites for the coming academic year.

Making a Site Available

The final step in preparing a site is to make it available to students. Once a site is made available, all

enrolled students will see the site in their My Sites list on their Blackboard My Bb Sites page.

Important: If you do not complete this final step, students will NOT be able to access your site

  1. Navigate to the module site you wish to make available and click ‘Learning Materials’.
A screenshot showing how you can make your site available by accessing the 'Learning Materials' section.
  1. On the ‘Learning Materials’ page look for the menu at the top right of the page.
A screenshot showing that the 'Edit Mode' should be turned on, in order to allow you to make the site available.
  1. You will see a small padlock symbol. If this padlock symbol is red and closed, it denotes that your site is not currently available to students.
A screenshot showing the red padlock icon which shows that your site is not available.
  1. If you click the padlock, it will simply change to being unlocked and grey in colour.
A screenshot showing how if you click the red padlock, it turns grey and opens. This means your site is now available to students.

You have now made your site available to students.

Note: An easy way to see which sites are available without going into each module and following the above steps. Go to your ‘My Blackboard’ tab and look at the ‘My Sites’ box. Any sites that are highlighted in blue within the box are not currently available to students.

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