Blackboard Help & Support

Logging in and Navigating

Logging in

Go to and the screen below appears.

Login with your network username and password. If you have any difficulty logging in, phone the helpdesk on: 01522 88 6500 or email:

A screenshot showing the login page for Blackboard.

After logging in to Blackboard, the first page that appears is the homepage. The line of tabs along the top allows you to navigate through the different sections of Blackboard, as described below.

A screenshot showing the top navigation bar for Blackboard including the three main tabs: 'My Blackboard', 'Content Store' and 'Bb Help & Support'.

My Blackboard

This tab contains links to the programme, module and community sites you are enrolled on as well as system-wide announcements and tools.

Within the My Blackboard tab you will see a number of subpages.

A screenshot showing all the subtabs available within the My Bb Sites section for students.

My Bb Sites
This page contains links to all your Bb sites (module and community sites) that you are enrolled on, as well as providing system-wide announcements and tools

My Support Services
This page contains information and links to support from the Student Services team.

My Careers
This page contains information and links to support from the Careers & Employability team.

My University
This page contains links and information to University support materials and guidance, as well as links to social media resources.
My Students’ Union
This page contains links and information to activities and events within the Students’ Union.

Content Store

The content store is for staff only. You can store your learning materials in here, making it easier to work on Blackboard from off-campus. It also allows you to make materials available for use by other staff and on other sites.

Bb Help & Support
The help & support tab links to locally produced help material as well as Blackboard’s own manuals and general guidance on producing accessible content.