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Copying Blackboard Tests, MCQs and Blackboard Rubrics from One Site to Another

In this short guide, we will outline how to copy Blackboard Tests, MCQs, and Blackboard Rubrics to a different site. You may wish to re-use a test or MCQ on a different module, or copy it to a site in the new academic year. The same process applies to Blackboard rubrics, which you must copy from one site to another. Turnitin Rubrics are not affected by this process and remain available on all sites in perpetuity.

The Process

Important: You must be enrolled as an Instructor on both sites, the source, and destination. Please ensure you are enrolled on both sites before continuing.

  1. Open the module site where materials will be copied from.
  2. Ensure Edit Mode is on.
A screenshot showing how the 'Edit Mode' must be turned on before you can make any changes to your site.
  1. Go through the learning materials section and decide on the materials to copy. Check that the materials are relevant and up to date.
  2. When you are ready to copy the content, navigate to the ‘Course Management section of the navigation menu and select ‘Packages and Utilities
  1. Choose ‘Site Copy’ from the sub-menu.
  1. Choose ‘Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course’ from the dropdown menu and enter the module code in the box below. Note: From 22/23 academic year, module codes will drop the ‘M’ due to the move to the new OneUni system. You should continue to use the ‘M’ for sites from earlier academic years.
  1. Under ‘Select Course Materials’ scroll down and select only the following options, depending on what you wish to copy:
  1. Click ‘Submit’ to process your site copy.
  1. You will receive an email when your site copy has been completed, this can take several minutes depending on the amount of content to be copied.
  2. Go into your new module site and deploy your MCQs or Tests in the usual way, selecting them from the list. In addition, you can now create a Blackboard assessment and attach one of the rubrics which you have copied over.