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Getting Started with your Site: Making a Site Visible to Students

This guide is aimed at module co-ordinators who are setting up their sites for the coming academic year.

Making a Site Available

The final step in preparing a site is to make it available to students. Once a site is made available, all enrolled students will see the site in their My Sites list on their Blackboard My Bb Sites page.

Important: If you do not complete this final step, students will NOT be able to access your site.

  1. Navigate to the ‘My Bb Sites’ section of the main Blackboard navigation.
The main navigation in Blackboard, including the My Bb sites button.
  1. Locate the site you wish to make available and hover over the site image, click the three elipses (dots) to open the menu.
Open site button on the module site menu.

Note: The steps above can be repeated in reverse to make a site unavailable, instead you would choose ‘Close’

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