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Accessing and Logging in to Blackboard

Logging in

Go to and the screen below appears.

Login with your network username and password. If you have any difficulty logging in, phone the helpdesk on: 01522 88 6500 or email:

The Blackboard login screen, showing an image of the Students' Union on campus at Lincoln.

After logging in to Blackboard, the first page that appears is the homepage which looks like the image below. You will see your sites, and down the left hand side of the screen a number of other pages.

The My Bb Sites page you will see all your module sites and you can search or filter by code, name or academic year.

My University

This page contains useful information for both staff and students. The information here has been populated by various support departments around the University, including The Library, Careers Department and Student Services. In addition, the content is focused on specific areas of the University and years of study. As such students will see different content depending on their college and year of study. Staff will also see content that students don’t see and second and third-year students will see content designed around potential PG study at Lincoln.

The My University page within Blackboard shows content to staff and students dependent on their role and year of study.

Profile Section

The profile section on Blackboard Ultra, lets you see key information about your account on Blackboard. This is populated by HR or student records and most of the info here cannot be changed. However, you can update your profile picture if you wish.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is a page where you can see all the recent updates which have occurred on Blackboard since you last logged in. This would include posts on your module sites, new learning resources being uploaded, and assessments that have been created. As an academic, this is a useful resource for your students as it will allow them to see all their updates in one location.

The Activity Stream on Blackboard allows you to see all the latest updates since you last logged into the site.

My Bb Sites

From this page you can access all your module sites. The My Bb Sites page lets you see all your sites at a glance, search for a site by code or name or filter sites by term or academic year. There is also a section for Subject, School and Other Sites in which you will find your Test Site amongst other things.

The My Bb Sites page you will see all your module sites and you can search or filter by code, name or academic year.

My Communities

From this page, you can access all your community sites. The My Communities page lets you see all your sites at a glance, or search for a site by name.

My Communities is a page from where you can access all your community sites and search for them by name.


On Blackboard, you can view a calendar that shows all your upcoming assessments deadlines and other date-related content on Blackboard. Staff can also add specific sessions for their modules to the calendar and this will show in the calendars of all students on the module.

The Blackboard Calendar shows all upcoming deadlines and other date related content. Staff can also add content to the calendar for students on their modules.


In the messages section, you can send messages to any user within Blackboard. You can contact all students on your modules or individuals by searching for them via one of your module sites or by name.

My Grades

On the My Grades page, students will be able to see all of their grades in one place at the top level on Blackboard. In addition, staff will be able to see upcoming submissions from their students and any outstanding work that needs to be marked.

My Grades is a page where students can see all their grades from submissions across module sites, and staff can see work that needs to be marked.


Assist is a space on Blackboard where you can access a whole range of support resources from various departments around the University. From this page, you can visit the websites of various support departments including The Library, Student Services, ICT and more. At certain points of the year, resources will be highlighted at the top of this page.

Blackboard Assist is a page of support resources related to different areas of the University including ICT, student support and careers.