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Pronunciation of names in Blackboard and Blackboard Ultra

This feature is available in Ultra Experience and Original Experience (pronunciation description only)

All users, be they students or staff, can now add text guidance and an audio recording of their name to their user profile.  Users can use the text guidance to describe the pronunciation of their names phonetically to help other users and can also provide a recording of them pronouncing their own name, up to a maximum of 20 seconds.

The text guidance and audio appear with pronoun information (if completed) in the following locations within Blackboard:


In the group assessments overview panel.

Other users in your group whilst taking group assessments.

A user entitled to see peer reviewers’ names can see their pronunciation information which displays above their feedback when viewing a student’s attempt.

Class Register

Other users in the class register view.

When searching for a user to enrol.

When editing users in the course register.

Communication Tools

With users’ responses in Discussions.

Whilst searching for message recipients.

In the message panel.

Grade Centre

Instructors and graders can see pronunciation information in the grid view.

Students can see their own information when viewing their grades.


Users can see the pronunciation information of users in a group they belong to.

Instructors can see the pronunciation information of all students in the group management view.

User Profile

When viewing their profile page.

When editing their own profile.

Please note: there is a known issue creating or playing pronunciation recordings in Safari. The issue is due to a mismatch of compression codecs that Safari supports. Safari users will receive warnings about the issue in the interface.