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Using Talis Reading Lists within Bb Ultra

Using Talis Aspire within the new Bb Ultra system is simple and easy. The below instructions detail how to add a reading list – or a section of a reading list – to your Blackboard Ultra site.

  1. Login to Blackboard and go to the module site.
  2. On the module site, decide where you would like to add the Talis link and move your mouse cursor over this area. When a ‘+’ icon appears, click this. In the example below, the ‘+’ icon is below the Assessments folder.
A Bb Ultra site with the '+' icon highlighted.
  1. After clicking the ‘+’ icon, click Digital Tools.
A Bb Ultra site with the 'Digital Tools' icon highlighted.
  1. From the next screen, click the ‘+’ sign.
The Digital Tools menu on a Bb Ultra site with the '+' icon for Talis Reading Lists highlighted.
  1. This then adds a Talis Reading List item to your Bb Ultra site. The item is unconfigured and hidden from students.
A Bb Ultra site with the 'Talis Reading List' icon highlighted.
  1. Click on the Talis Reading List item. After this, a screen swipes in from the right. You may be asked to authenticate by clicking the green Start button.
A Bb Ultra site with the first Talis Reading List screen that staff users see upon adding Talis to their Bb Ultra site.
  1. After clicking Start, a third layer slides in. This presents the Reading Lists that match to your module code. Typically there would only be one. Tick in the appropriate circle and click Save, and close the overlay.
    • N.B.1. If no lists are showing, please use the search box on the page to find it.
    • N.B.2. From here, you can also link to section with the list.
A Bb Ultra site with the 'Talis Reading List' overlap screen. Highlighting indicates where Select a List, Sections and Save are located on the page.
  1. Finally, on the Bb Ultra site, click the three dots next to the Talis Reading List item and click Edit. An overlay comes in from the right where you can:
    • Rename the link (if desired)
    • Make the item Visible to Students (default is Hidden from Students)
    • Type a description of what the item is and why students ought to engage with this item.
    • Tick Allow Class Conversations if you wish to use this feature. The Class Conversations (link) feature allows teaching staff to add a special type of discussion board to this item.
A Bb Ultra site with the 'Talis Reading List' overlay for editing the name and visibility of this content item.