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Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for One File – February 2024

In order to ensure that the University of Lincoln meetings its digital security obligations and maintains high standards of data protection, from February 2024 all learners, tutors, mentors and employers will be required to use multifactor authentication (MFA) when accessing their One File account.

This process will be familiar to many who use a range of systems and websites in both professional and personal contexts; it involves approving a login through a second method after entering your email address and password credentials.

When will this change take place?

The multifactor authentication (MFA) will be activated for all University of Lincoln apprenticeship programmes on the 1st February 2024.

What multifactor options will be available to me?

All users will have two options for approving a login after entering their email address and password, these are as follows:

  • Authenticator Mobile Application – you can register your account with an app such as Microsoft Authenticator which allows you to approve a login using the app on your mobile phone.
  • Code sent to Registered Email Address – you can choose to receive a code to the email address associated with your One File account, once generated, you will type this code into the One File login page to access your account.

You will be able to select your preferred authentication method during the first time that you login following the University of Lincoln enabling multifactor authentication (MFA).

What will happen when I login for the first time?

Digital Education has produced the following video guide to support you through the login process once multifactor authentication (MFA) has been enabled. After setting up your preferred authentication method you will then use your email address, password and MFA for all future logins to One File.

Additional Information and Further Support

If you require further support, you can contact the Digital Education team at the University of Lincoln, therefore please select the relevant link from the following options:

Note for University of Lincoln Staff: Whilst the majority of users have always accessed One File with a username (i.e LKIDGER01) there are a very small number of University of Lincoln staff who use the ‘Microsoft’ button on the One File homepage to login to their keychain, these users are advised to contact a member of the Digital Education team to receive a walkthrough of the process due to some specific requirements of migrating to the new version of multifactor authentication (MFA). If you are not one of these users, you can follow the video guidance on this webpage.