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B. Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO) and One File

All One File users have the ability to connect their account(s) to Microsoft’s Single Sign On feature, meaning that for learners, tutors and employers both internal and external to the University of Lincoln, it is possible to log into your account(s) using your organisational email address and password, that you use to access a range of services. For users internal to the University of Lincoln, you will already be familiar with the Microsoft SSO process as this is used to access a range of services such as Blackboard, Outlook and Gateway.

Step 1: Creating a Microsoft SSO Keychain

The following steps should only be followed if you haven’t logged in with Microsoft before and if you have an organisational Microsoft 365 account. To create your Microsoft-associated Keychain with One File please complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the OneFile login page – you can search the web for One File login or visit https://login.onefile.co.uk/.
  2. You will see the username and passwords fields. At the bottom of the screen there will be a button that contains the Microsoft logo.
A screenshot of the One File login screen. A blue login button is shown, below this a dropdown box which has the option 'eportfolio' selected. Below these are two icons, a Facebook icon and a Microsoft button which has a blue highlight around it.
  1. Click the Microsoft button to begin the setup process.
  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 login details, for University of Lincoln staff and students, this will be your email address.
  3. Then, enter your password and accept the terms and conditions.
A screenshot of the Microsoft SSO login screen. A text field is shown which contains the text "email address, phone number or Skype", a blue Next button is shown.
  1. Next follow all on-screen steps which will allow One File to authenticate with Microsoft.
  2. A Keychain will now be created and linked to your Microsoft 365 account.

Step 2: Adding your Account(s) to your Keychain

Now that you have created your Microsoft Keychain, you can add your One File account(s) using the original username and password that were distributed to you upon the creation of your account by the programme administration team. If you are a user on multiple One File centres, for example a tutor on one programme and a mentor on another, you can combine all of your accounts into this space which will be accessed by one loginin the future. This means you no longer need to remember the individual usernames and passwords of each account.

To add your account(s) to your Keychain please follow these steps:

  1. After logging into your Keychain, click the Add Account button in the top-right of the screen.
  2. Ensure that Eportfolio is selected as the Product.
  3. Ensure that Eportfolio is selected as the Server.
  4. Enter the individual account Username.
  5. Enter or copy and paste your Password.
  6. Check the ‘require login with keychain account’ box. This is incredibly important to ensure account security.
  7. Click Add account.

You can repeat these steps for all of your accounts as long as you know the username and password. If you can’t remember the username and password for one of your accounts, reset your password. The next time you come to log into OneFile, click the option to log in with Microsoft and you will be able to access your Keychain by entering your Microsoft 365 details, if you aren’t already logged into Microsoft 365.

How do I log in and out of individual accounts?

When you login to your Keychain you will see a list of all the accounts associated with your Microsoft SSO login, if you have multiple accounts you will be able to ‘jump in and out’ of each account as needed by following these simple steps:

To access one of your accounts, simply click on the Eportfolio tab that contains the centre name and user role information:

A screenshot of the One File Keychain page. A white tab is shown on a grey background, the tab contains the users name, role on the eportfolio, and the centre that it is associated with. Two icons are shown representing Tasks and Messages.

To return to your Keychain list of accounts, simply click on your profile card in the top-right of the screen to locate the logout button:

A screenshot of the One File portfolio homepage. The screenshot only shows the top right of the screen, a profile card is shown which contains the users name and their role of Tutor. An arrow points downwards to show the menu can be expanded.