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Adding a Padlet board to your Blackboard site

The process of adding a Padlet board to your Blackboard site is much streamlined for AY21/22. To add a board:

  • Go to the relevant content area on your Blackboard site (e.g. the Week 1 folder in Learning Materials)
  • Click Build Content and select Padlet from the drop-down list
Highighting of the Padlet option in the Build Content area of Bb.
  • Blackboard will then authenticate you into Padlet.
  • If you want each student to be given their own Padlet board, click the cog in the corner and then move the slider to Make a Copy for Each User.
The LTI Options on Padlet giving the option of giving each student their own Padlet to work from.
  • On the next screen you have a choice of inserting an already created Padlet or creating a new one. The Padlets display in the order of most recent first.
    • To insert an already created one, click on it, and it will automatically insert on your Bb site.
    • To create a new one, click Make a Padlet, and in the new tab that opens, create your Padlet. To refresh the list on Bb, you will need to close the Padlet overlay on Bb, and re-do Build Content >Padlet.
The Padlet overlay on Bb.