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This is the Blackboard section of the resources hub. Blackboard (Bb) is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, providing an electronic space for staff and students to interact.

It is designed to provide a dedicated site for every module, and contains features such as:

  • Announcements;
  • Learning resources;
  • Assignment submissions;
  • Online discussions;
  • Quizzes and tests;
  • Student grades.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Blackboard?

Blackboard can be access via your web browser on a laptop/tablet/mobile device.  Please visit and login using your University username and password.

Can Blackboard be accessed by a variety of devices?

Blackboard can be accessed via any device with a web browser. This includes Laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Who can access Blackboard?

Blackboard can be accessed by staff and students who hold a University of Lincoln username and password

I can’t login to Blackboard due to an Single Sign On error

If you see a single sign on error when trying to login to Blackboard, please check you are using Google Chrome as your browser and try refreshing your cache to clear your history and cookies. Click here for guides to refresh you cache. This should resolve your problem.

I cannot find my module site listed in the ‘My Sites’ box

The My Sites box lists all module sites by academic year. You will usually have several tabs. The current academic year, the previous academic year and ‘older’. The ‘older’ tab also includes all other sites which do not have an academic year in their title.

If you click ‘Hide/Reveal’ at the bottom of the My Sites box, you will be able to see if you have hidden any sites. If you can’t access a site, it is usually because you have hidden it or you are not enrolled on it. If you think you are not enrolled on a site, please contact your module leader.

All my students are not appearing on my module site

Blackboard does not handle student enrolments. The access students have to their module sites is based on their student record. If you feel that a student should have access to a module site and doesn’t, please contact the Student Admin team.

My students cannot see their grades on Blackboard

If you have created a Turnitin submission point, the grades will automatically be made available to students on the ‘post date’. However, for a Blackboard or custom assignment you will need to click the grey arrow to the right of the column name and click ‘hide/reveal from students’ to make the grades visible. The reverse is also true, if you do not hide the column from students when you have set up your assignment, then grades may be leaked early. You can tell when a column is hidden as it will have a grey circle with a red line through it, shown before the column name.

I cannot edit anything on my site

Blackboard has an ‘Edit Mode’ which can be turned on or off. If you find your site looks to be in read only mode and you cannot edit anything, please check top right that the ‘edit mode’ toggle is switched to on (green). If you still can’t edit, please check your enrolment status and make sure you have been given the role of instructor. If someone else turns off the ‘edit mode’ it will ‘stick’ for all users.

My students can’t see my module site

When you are ready to let your students see your module site, you need to make it available. As default all sites are not available, this is to give you time to prepare them for teaching. In the My Sites box, any unavailable sites will be highlighted in blue! To make a site available go to any of the content areas and look to the top right for the little padlock symbol. It will be ‘locked’ and red if the site is unavailable and it will go grey and ‘unlock’ when you click it. The site is now available.

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