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Talis Elevate Analytics: Explore View

This helpsheet explains the difference between Talis Elevate’s Explore View, one of the three types of analytic viewpoints available to instructors as well as the steps required to access it.

Talis Elevate’s Types of Analytics

Talis Elevate offers three types of analytics to consider:

  1. Glimpse: Based on a specific resource.
  2. Explore: Found within the Elevate Manager.
  3. Analyse: Accessing the RAW Event data.

Accessing the Talis Elevate Manager

Whilst you can access the Glimpse view from within your Blackboard module side, in order to access the Elevate Manager tool you will need to navigate to the web address

The Module Manager is designed to give you a module-level overview of the activity from your students, you can toggle between your modules by clicking the drop-down box in the upper left-hand of the screen.

Talis Elevate Module Manager. A red box indicates a drop down box in the top left to change module. Activity by students on different resources is indicated by a timeline.

The Talis Elevate Manager tool can be split into three key segments, the chart component, the resources view and the student view, and we will explore this in more detail.

The Charting Component 

This analysis tool in Elevate is driven by a timeline. A list of resources and students below the chart will update based on the time period selected, to change the range:

  • Drag the sliders under the main chart component to the desired time period.
  • Or use the ellipsis menu on the right of the main chart to select a specified time period.

Using this ellipsis icon, you can also download usage stats at the module level in multiple formats such as a Microsoft Excel. After you adjust the sliders, the resources view list below will update and re-order, showing you up-to-date information about engagement relating to your resources and students.

Screenshot focusing on the Module Manager Timeline. Two red circles indicate the sliders to change the date range, a red box on the right highlights export and zoom options in the ellipsis menu.

Resources view

This is the main area where your resources on the module will show. These will be listed in descending order according to the engagement recorded during the selected time period. You can sort by the various columns, allowing you to organise by total resource activity across the cohort (default), title of resource, and type of resource.

From this list, you can edit, share, view and remove the resource from this module, by clicking on the ellipsis icon on the right of the resource.

A list of resources for the module is displayed. It shows the title, a thumbnail, type of document, and the total time spent by students engaging with it. A red box shows the ellipsis menu on each item.

Student view

Like the resources view, students are ordered based on the time actively engaged with Talis Elevate. The list of students is organised into quartiles, which means you can quickly see the individuals that are engaging well, and those who are engaging very little or not at all.

If students have not engaged during the selected time period, they will show as having ‘no activity’. 

Screenshot of the student view. A list of students is sorted into quartiles, and they are ranked by their activity time. Some students have a speech bubble and a number to indicate how many comments they have made.